I am a Wedding Planner, based in Germany.

Half German, half French, and mostly educated in English, I am trilingual and at home in various cultures, having lived in Africa, the USA and Europe.

When I started working for the  biggest wedding planning agency in the city, I quickly knew that this was what I wanted to do on my own, where I could best apply my skills and use my multi-faceted background. 

With a background in film, theatre and television, I have a passion for fine arts, photography and design. During many years of work in film and theatre I have been part of creating compelling fantasy worlds. My aim is to transform my passion, creativity and experience in building these magical worlds into helping you create and plan your perfect and unforgettable wedding day.

Moreover, I have experience in hosting and presenting, PR and gallery management. I have participated in a number of different projects and events planning in the fields of art and culture.